Privacy and cookie policy May 22nd 2018 Ltd is a privately owned company whose registered office is:

Kelsey House
St Annes Rd
GL52 2ST

You can mail us at with any comments or for further information.

Privacy Policy This policy covers clients of Ltd and all users of both the public and log in areas of (“the Web Site”). Where this policy varies for these groups there are separate headings.

Before using the Web Site ( or entering your email address into any associated online forms or surveys, it is your responsibility to read this Privacy Policy and to notify the Data Controller if you have any concerns.

Basic Principles By accessing and using both the public and log in areas of (“the Web Site”) you are agreeing to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy. You should therefore also read the Terms and Conditions before using the Web Site.

We are determined to protect your privacy. It is very important to us that you should be able to use and enjoy the Web Site and our services without having to compromise your privacy in any way. Gathering data about our users and client base is, however, necessary for the continued delivery of the services we offer to clients and users of both the public and log in areas of the Web Site.

Data Collected from users of the public access parts of the Web Site

We automatically collect data about our users' browsing actions eg pages viewed, length of stay, order of viewing. This is aggregate data and does not identify any individual.

We use this aggregate data to help us arrange relevant advertising, commercial opportunities and competitions. We also use it to help us develop the Web Site and audit its use.

Data Collected from users of the log in parts of the Web Site - “Registered Users”

Users of the public access parts of the Web Site may also opt, on a voluntary basis, to create an account with us whereby they enter personal data. We call this group “Registered Users”.

When creating an account we will ask you to provide certain information as a minimum in order to become a Registered User, as set out here:

  • email address
  • school postcode
  • subject specialism

You may also opt to provide more information to us as set out here:

  • name
  • job position
  • mobile phone number
  • age ranges taught

When registering you will be asked whether you wish to receive Research/Consultancy project notifications and/or Editorial and Marketing Information. You may choose either or both of these options on registration.

We use the information you provide when you become a Registered User to:

  1. Send notification of research consultancy work and research surveys which you may be eligible for based on your profile data, if you have opted in to this service.
  2. Send out editorial and/or marketing copy based on your profile data which may contain content from third parties, if you have opted in to this service.

As a Registered User you will have created a username and password. This will allow you to log into your account and either edit the data we hold concerning you, amend the type of information we may send you or unsubscribe altogether.

You may also unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all emails that we send to you.

For Registered Users we will hold the data entered by you and as edited by you until you decide to unsubscribe. Once you have unsubscribed all your data will be deleted and no records of that data kept on our servers either local or remote subject to third party policies as set out below under Information Shared with Third Parties.

We do not share any details entered via the registration form with any third parties.We may, however, provide profiling information based on this data, eg the number of KS3 Science teachers.

Where we need to make payments to Registered Users for work on surveys and/or research consultancy we will need to ask you for bank account, PayPal or address details so that we are able to pay you. This data is stored locally within our email software and in hard copy. These records are kept until our accountant has signed off the financial year end in which these payments were made and are then destroyed. Subject to any accounting issues this normally occurs within six months of our financial year end which as at the date of this policy is February to January annually.

Banking and PayPal details are entered into our online banking system (Lloyds bank) and PayPal in order to make payment. See Information Shared with Third Parties heading below.

Data Collected on Clients

As our clients or potential clients we will hold contact data on you which will include some or all of the following:

Your title and nameCompany name and address
Landline number
Mobile number
Email address

This data may be stored in the following places:

  1. Locally within our email software
  2. On our local server within spreadsheets
  3. Remotely in our online mailing software which is provided by a third party (MaxeMail, see Information Shared with Third Parties heading below)
  4. Remotelyin our online client data management software which is provided by a third party (Salesforce, see Information Shared with Third Parties heading below)

We may use this data to contact you for two reasons:

  1. Project management and information sharing when instructed by you and working on a project on your behalf.
  2. Marketing of our services.

We have gathered this data in the following ways:

  1. You have initiated contact with us regarding provision of a service.
  2. We are working of a project with you/your company and one of your colleagues or a sub-contractor has provide us with this data.
  3. The data was already in the public domain for example via third party web sites (eg BETT, BESA, Wikipedia), your company web site, promotional literature, professional associations etc.

This data will be held until you unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link which will be in the footer of any email we send to you.

The Data Controller

For all Ltd purposes the Data Controller is Philip Collie Managing Director, email

Should you become aware of any data breach concerning your data or the reasonable risk of such a breach please advise the Data Controller of the nature and date of the breach or the risk as soon as possible.

Information Shared with Third Parties

Schoolzone will not sell your data. We do however have to share it with third parties for the purposes outlined below. Where this is the case we have provided links to their web sites so that you are able to review their privacy policies, should you have any concerns please contact the Data Controller.

  1. Microsoft Office software and operating systems.
  2. IT and technical support where not managed in house eg web site development and maintenance. As at the date of this policy we use Techop for these purposes
  3. Remote hosting of the Web Site.As at the date of this policy we use Fasthosts for these purposes
  4. Bulk emailing. As at the date of this policy we use Maxemail for these purposes
  5. Client management software. As at the date of this policy we use Salesforce for these purposes
  6. Banking Services. As at the date of this policy we use Lloyds bank and PayPal for these purposes and

The Internet does not recognise national boundaries and some of these service providers operate globally, as a result of which the collection and transmission of personal data may not be confined to one country and may be transferred outside the UK.

Users should therefore be aware that although Ltd does itself not transfer data outside the UK some of these third party service providers may do so, therefore by using the Web Site and by communicating with us electronically, this is the environment in which your personal data is processed. We rely on these organisations to be compliant with all Data Protection legislation but are unable to audit their activities and protocols. We cannot therefore take responsibility for any data breaches which arise as a result of these parties non-compliance with legislation.

As above should you become aware of any data breach or reasonable risk of a breach concerning your data please advise the Data Controller of the nature and date of the breach as soon as possible.

Use of Cookies

The website does not make use of cookies.

Data Subject’s Rights

We have outlined these above under the three categories of user, but here restate that you may:

  1. Withdraw your consent at any time for us to store your data.
  2. Lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority and/or the Data Controller.

Should you have any concerns about any part of this Privacy Policy please contact the Data Controller Philip Collie,