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White Rose Maths summary review

Date: 13.07.2022
Average star rating: 4.3/5


Overview comments:
 • The CPD that’s supports WRM is excellent 
 • Generally liked by teachers
 • I like the free elements 


How well does it match the curriculum?
 •  5* Very closely matched to national curriculum 
 •  5* Full coverage 
 •  4* Well resourced and matches plans. 
 •  4* A great resource but needs to be adapted to children's needs and can have too much content.
 •  4* More work needed to align to new Welsh curriculum 
 •  4* Sometimes doesn’t take misconceptions into account
 •  3* It’s good for providing challenge and mastery based tasks. It’s not so good for basic skills learning. 


How could it be improved to support different learners?
 •  3* Extra materials at both ends would be good. 
 •  4* Able to clearly differentiate
 •  3* But you do have to do a bit of work around this. We purchased something else to support. 
 •  3* Need to be more inclusive for children with special needs.
 •  4* Easy to tailor to children's needs 
 •  3* Needs more to support slower learners
 •  4* It’s particularly good at challenging more able. 


How well does it engage and motivate pupils?
 •  4* Resources are fun. 
 •  4* The children love the format 
 •  4* Children do like the reasoning questions and challenges.
 •  5* Excellent resources 
 •  3* They like Tiny!
 •  4* There’s a good range of choice of activities 


How well supported is it by any included formative assessments?
 •  4* End of unit tests are good. 
 •  4* Easy to see how well the children are doing
 •  4* End of block assessments are useful
 •  3* Difficult for mixed age classes
 •  3* They’re not as relevant towards sats testing as others 


How well does it support planning?
 •  5* The planning is clear and sequential
 •  4* A strength. 
 •  3* Again, needs adapting to children's needs but most resources for any subject do.
 •  4* Minimal prep needed
 •  3* Best bit!


How well does it support home use / independent learning?
 •  5* Videos are great. 
 •  5* During lockdown it was invaluable 
 •  3* Children need to use manipulative and don't often have these available at home.
 •  5* Home learning tasks are great
 •  3* Used well in lockdown with some modification
 •  2* There’s a lot of adult support needed so not really appropriate 


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