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Date: 03.08.2022


Average star rating: 4.8/5


Overview comments:
 • It is a fantastic resource, that is very effective in inspiring children of all ages and engaging them in experiences. 
 • Just a fabulous resource tbh. Inspiring, cheap and well planned it would be a great addition to any bank 
 • A brilliant and unique resource. I dare anyone to say otherwise! Appeals to all staff and children - easy to use and interactive in the way that learning should be in a primary classroom!
 • The children enjoyed using the resources and they are easy to set up. We will be using for a year but might not continue the subscription for the following year as the experiences would become repetitive.
 • A very good resource


How well does it match the curriculum?
 •  5* It enthuses and inspires the children, giving them access to information and experiences in an immersive and creative way. 
 •  5* Interactive, relevant, inspiring. Matches every topic we want - lots of scope for use and supportive lessons. Haven't got a bad thing to say about it
 •  4* The strengths are the interactivity and also the fact that it is a fun way to learn! As a starter to a topic or mid-way or at the end of a topic it offers an engaging way of learning. The weaknesses are harder to come up with - but the cost can be difficult in ever increasing challenges on budget! 
 •  4* There are different time periods covered but it would be useful to have more than one experience from the time period. The content is engaging but an experience targeted at lower and upper key stage 2 would be good.
 •  4* Links to most topics in the national curriculum. Doesn’t quite always match the coverage that we have in our chosen scheme 
 •  4* The children really enjoy the Now Press Play lessons.  Especially good for SEN children as they are able to take a full an active part, The equipment to allow pupils to engage with learning through listening to music whilst we write or to block out distractions.


How could it be improved to support different learners?
 •  4* It is still appropriate for all the pupils but some gain more than others from the experience, dependent on their starting points. 
 •  5* Nothing - all children adore putting on the headphones and getting into the drama's and story scapes to immerse themselves
 •  4* The resources can be adapted for children - for the resource that it is, it does it well enough!  There are various worksheets at different levels. 
 •  3* Some of the in-experience content needs more explaining for students or questions read out to them. Several times I had to stop the experience and explain tasks which took children out of the immersion 
 •  4* The content is accessible for all and then some other areas (SATs practise etc) have differentiated worksheets which accompany the content 
 •  4* All good covers all curriculum subjects and the children have fun while learning.  The children remember topics better learn more.  


How well does it engage and motivate pupils?
 •  5* It is fantastic and the children are fully engaged in the experiences. I don't think it could be done better. 
 •  5* They adore the stories, characters and the use of wireless headphones. No further improvements from my point of view
 •  5* Children love the interaction and to put on the headphones allows them to step into a world where they can learn by immersion. They can do nothing better! Now Press Play is one of a kind and children LOVE it!
 •  4* The pupils enjoyed the stories for the experiences, they reacted well and were enthusiastic to do more.
 •  4* Children love how interactive the software is and it really enables children to be taken out of their comfort zone as they forget they are amongst other people 
 •  4* Children can more easily concentrate on what they are listening to without the distraction of other noises around them. 


How well does it support planning?
 •  5* It gives the teachers some great ideas and starting points for their planning of several areas of the curriculum.
 •  5* Great additional resources provided and links for the topics covered. Especially in science, history and geography 
 •  5* It has many different activities which you can use in class before or after the interactive session. The actual interactive session links great with different topics and can be an engaging starter or a consolidation. 
 •  4* The resources are well thought out on the whole and easy to pick up and use.  Some of the resources could be differentiated further for groups of pupils.
 •  4* It links well to planning and we often use it as a hook to a topic or to review learning at the end. 
 •  4* Reduces time spent on planning lessons. which helps with work / home life balance and saves time searching for resources.


What improvements could make this better value for money?
 • 5* It is already very good value. However, they could offer a discount for signing up for several years which would make it even better. 
 • 5* Cheap, enjoyable and very engaging for children at all ages - children love it and teachers adore it 
 • 5* It is unique. It is hard to find the money sometimes and we have done fund raising etc to support purchasing this in the past!
 • 3* If there were more experiences linked to the themes - eg History more than one experience per age period would be very good for progression rather than one and done.



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