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Kapow Primary Design & Technology summary review

Date: 12.07.2022

Average star rating: 4.2/5


Overview comments:
 • Always make a prototype so you can help pupils! 
 • Fantastic resource that I would recommend to all
 • Either 3 or 6 lessons would be better organisation 
 • Great resource 
 • The resource is really useful if - like me - you aren't that good at DT. It does break down the units into manageable chunks and the videos are great.
 • Instructional videos are very useful


How well does it match the curriculum?
 •  5* Covers all main school curriculum 
 •  5* This is the best DT curriculum I have used and it supports children in learning a range of activities and skills that may not be covered without such a comprehensive scheme 
 •  4* The organisation across the year groups is great, the mixed year groups planning is great. 
 •  4* Great resource saves teachers a lot of time 
 •  4* It does offer a progression of skills in different subject areas. We don't use all resources but just the topics that are the best fit for our interpretation of the curriculum.
 •  4* It has given us better coverage 


How could it be improved to support different learners?
 •  5* Recognises children's development
 •  4* I have found that all children taught have been able to access the lessons well. The only issue is EAL, which has to be adapted at times to ensure their understanding of key skills
 •  4* There is differentiation on all planning 
 •  4* Covers children with different abilities and supports and extends as necessary 
 •  3* Some of our children with SEND found it hard to access some of the tasks. There could be modification exemplars.
 •  3* We do not have children ready for the more challenging work and need more ideas on how to get them there


How well does it engage and motivate pupils?
 •  5* Children. Are excited about DT lessons and the whole project 
 •  5* Hands-on tasks are enjoyed by all children, who are genuinely excited when taking part in DT lessons
 •  4* Children enjoy the final activities, when they get to make. 
 •  4* Children like the subjects and ideas used 
 •  4* The video examples are clear and very useful. Each unit has about four of them. It could be even better if there were more - again with some modification for less able children.


How well does it support planning?
 •  5* Supports subject leader in ordering resources. Is fool proof 
 •  4* Planning is very good, although in our school all lessons have to be taught using PowerPoint. Therefore the lesson plans given have to be transferred on to PowerPoints by teachers
 •  5* This is really strong 
 •  4* Helps teachers by saving time 
 •  4* I like the way it gives you a shopping list of resources up front. The downloadable resources are useful too
 •  4* Lesson plans and resources are very good


What improvements could make this better value for money?
 • 5* Videos make a big difference 
 • 4* It is a great resource, but I am unsure of the coatings as I do not deal with the budget. As previously mentioned it is the best scheme I have used for dt so would recommend to others whatever the cost (unless it is outrageous)
 • 5* Great value 
 • 3* Everything is expensive now - you do get quite a lot for your money - but we don't use all the units as not every unit matched our needs. This makes it relatively more expensive for what we get. DT budget isn't great either!
 • 4* Great value for money


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