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Kapow Primary Computing summary review

Date: 12.07.2022

Average star rating: 4.01/5


Overview comments:
 • Really good scheme, the best I have come across for computing.
 • Great resource just needs to be available in different formats 
 • A really good platform that has supported our delivery of the computing curriculum
 • a useful teaching scheme to help teachers, especially if they are unsure of the lesson content


How well does it match the curriculum?
 •  5* Activities designed around the whole of the curriculum that are easy to access for teachers with a range of knowledge and understanding 
 •  4* Good coverage
 •  4* Covers year group objectives and provides continuity across a key stage. Strengths are resourcing weakness not having editable slides 
 •  4* Lessons are provided matched to our long term plan for each year group. The learning journey is coherent and structure of lessons easy to follow. 
 •  3* Gets children engaged. The lessons are well resourced and it offers teachers ways to teach a subject they are not confident about


How could it be improved to support different learners?
 •  3* More support for the less able would be ideal. Some more tasks to stretch learners would be good too 
 •  4* Activities provided for lower ability groups could be more scaffolded/supported. Editable resources would enable teachers to adapt resources 
 •  4* Improvements: opportunities for greater depth, pupils to be challenged and apply their learning. SEN children scaffolds to support them further
 •  4* There is little to cater for visually or hearing impaired pupils. They would benefit from this and be able to take part fully in the lesson


How well does it engage and motivate pupils?
 •  4* Pupils enjoy many of the tasks, they are quite different to many tasks in computing schemes I have seen before.  
 •  4* Up to date and modern resources; it's just that the resources can’t be edited, meaning staff spending time screen grabbing and re-creating resources 
 •  4* Children like the lessons because they flow well. The video clips are engaging. Teachers use parts of these rather than the lessons as a whole to make them even more applicable to our children.
 •  5* Children love the course content. It is new to our school and they especially loved the radio advertisement sessions.


How well supported is it by any included formative assessments?
 •  3* assessments do a reasonable job of covering knowledge from each unit.  Greater guidance would be good.
 •  4* Assessment is effective as end of unit can be assessed against criteria
 •  4* Assessment is easy against the objectives and these have been matched to our in house assessment system making assessment tighter


How well does it support planning?
 •  5* Lessons are broken down effectively so teachers of all levels of subject knowledge can understand them.
 •  5* Able to use planning overview not plan a block of work and see consistency across year groups meaning continuity 
 •  4* Some units in upper key stage two have proven quite challenging for staff to plan. Kapow has supported the break down of this to enable teachers to deliver these units more effectively.
 •  4* we take a cross curricular approach so we are able to move topics around key stages if necessary so they fit in


What improvements could make this better value for money?
 • 4* Reasonably decent value, particularly considering it provides just about everything you need. The more subjects purchased the more effective it becomes
 • 4* Being editable would mean staff spending less time having to adapt particularly for home learning The resource is great just needs to be editable slides
 • 4* It's the best platform that we have used so far to support us in delivering the computing element of the national curriculum. Some work on the more difficult aspects of the UKS2 curriculum would be helpful


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