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Kapow Primary Art review by Headteacher

Date: 29.04.2022

Review subject: Art

Phase: Primary

Reviewer: Headteacher

  • City LA maintained school 413 pupils in Surrey
  • Ofsted rating: Good
  • FSM: 24%


Review rating:

Average rating across all Kapow Art reviews: 4.2/5


How well does it match the curriculum?

Brilliantly: There is more content (eg support / extension activities) than we expected

This is by far the best SOW we have bought recently


How well does it support your school’s inclusion/diversity/equal opportunities policy?

Well: The content is inclusive and sensitively presented

We have a MLD and a COIN unit at school and it is easy to adapt the lessons for these children.


How well does it support differentiation for the full range of the classes you use it with?

Brilliantly: There is a wide enough range of resources to provide a good range of options for all pupils

Excellent easy to understand differentiantion


How well does it engage and motivate pupils?

Well: Pupils generally enjoy using it and tend to welcome doing so

Children love the briefs and they can easily be adapted to whatever theme you want


How well supported is it by accompanying formative assessments?

Well: We could (or do) use it for monitoring individual pupil progress

Easy to understand and use


How well does it support planning?

Brilliantly: It has everything you could need and is straightforward to use with classes

This is what teachers love the most about it



How would you rate it for value for money compared to similar resources?

Brilliantly: It’s possibly the best value for money of any similar resources I’ve seen

I wish they did history and geography too


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