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Purple Mash review by Anthony

Date: 07.07.2022

Review subject: Computing

Phase: Primary

Reviewer: Anthony, Deputy head

  • Rural Academy 123 pupils in North Lincolnshire
  • Ofsted rating: Good
  • FSM: 35%


Review rating:

Average rating across all Purple Mash reviews: 4.2/5

We like the range of apps on here and the challenges associated with them. The range allows us to cover many objectives from the computing curriculum in one place.


How well does it match the curriculum?

Brilliantly: There is more content (eg support / extension activities) than we expected

Apps are well thought through and link well to many aspects of the computing curriculum from all primary age phases.


How well does it support adaptation for different groups of pupils?

Brilliantly: There is a wide enough range of resources to provide a good range of options for all pupils

Apps in the system are usually easy to use. A few of them can be more difficult for younger pupils that could be made simpler.


How well does it engage and motivate pupils?

Well: Pupils generally enjoy using it and tend to welcome doing so

Pupils enjoy using the apps, especially the games. They find the challenges engaging and they want to do more of them.


How well supported is it by any included formative assessments?

Reasonably: There is some formative assessment included, but its usefulness is a bit limited

Assessment isn't easy with the system. As a teacher you can see some of the children's work but it isn't the primary function of the system.


How well does it support planning?

Reasonably: Mostly we can use it without an unreasonable amount of effort or additional resource requirement

The units within the system are well planned and have enough challenge in them to differentiate the tasks.


How well does it support home use / independent learning?

Well: Pupils could be expected to use this at home or independently, with a minimum amount of support or additional resources

We like that children can access their work and the apps at home. This allows us to set specific tasks through the 2Do system for them to work on at home.


How would you rate it for value for money compared to similar resources?

Brilliantly: It’s possibly the best value for money of any similar resources I’ve seen

There are so many apps on there that to buy a similar app separately would be cost prohibitive. We find the system good value for money.


Would you recommend it to a colleague in a similar school to yours? 10/11


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