Case studies

International research

UK-based publisher: The client was publishing for the primary International Baccalaureate market and wanted to understand the levels of relevant training that teachers in international schools had received or would need to support the introduction of the new resource into the market. We recruited and interviewed 40 teachers from specific regions to meet the research objectives and produced a report which suggested the most appropriate market segments for which to target their development planning.


Global publisher: This client was looking at a combined resource and CPD offering with an initial focus on six regions, covering core subjects in the UK/IB/US curriculum markets in Spain, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. They needed in-depth responses from 60 schools with a full report, within three weeks, examining purchasing practices for teaching and learning resources. We used a combination of written and telephone interviews to meet all client objectives for this research.


UK-based publisher: Here, our client was preparing a bid to be a publishing partner for the CIE qualifications and wanted to establish the market size for specific subjects in certain regions. We conducted a survey which obtained a response of over 400 within 72 hours and which adequately answered all the client’s questions, though we would have preferred longer to increase the data size in the smaller profile regions. A full written report enabled the client to target its proposal to CIE effectively.


US publisher:  Although this client is very well established in the US and in international schools following the US curriculum, they wanted to establish the feasibility of re-versioning their range of resources for the UK international market. We used teachers in international school to map the National Curriculum and US common core and NGSS (science) curriculums, conducted online focus groups and then recruited teachers from international schools in five key regions to review materials online. This extensive consultation facilitated a major restructuring of resource provision which resulted in a successful global launch.