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Teachers feel unsupported on classroom behaviour

Date: 22.07.2019

Teachers believe there is a lack of support for tackling poor classroom behaviour, either from school leaders or from parents, this report from Ofsted shows.

Ofsted has found that managing poor behaviour in the classroom is one of the main causes of low morale.

The report finds that teachers overwhelmingly love their profession and enjoy teaching and building relationships with pupils. However, the overall well-being of most teachers is low. Positive factors are outweighed by high workloads, poor work–life balance, a perceived lack of resources and too little support from leaders, especially for managing bad behaviour. All these negative feelings can lead to higher levels of sickness absence and teachers leaving the profession entirely.

Other findings:

  • Teachers overwhelmingly enjoy teaching and are positive about their workplace and colleagues, but they feel their profession is undervalued in society and lacks sufficient funding.
  • Workload is high, affecting work–life balance. Teachers report spending less than half of their working week on teaching, while marking, lesson planning, and administrative tasks take up the rest of their time.
  • Educators feel they do not have enough influence over policy, which changes too quickly and leads to increased workloads.
  • Ofsted is noted to be a source of stress, largely because inspections are reported to increase administrative workload, but also because some school leaders devise ‘pointless Ofsted tick-box tasks’.
  • Senior leaders sometimes to contribute to low well-being. This is when there is poor communication with staff, an autocratic management style, workload pressure, and insufficient support and collaboration with staff.


Ofsted report in full

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