Schoolzone | London schools - the secret of their success

London schools - the secret of their success

Date: 27.07.2019

London schools continue to constitute an extraordinary ‘success story’. By common consent, the government school system in London achieves extremely good results compared to the rest of England, and students from disadvantaged backgrounds do particularly well.

This was not always the case. As recently as 2001, the region of inner London achieved the worst results in England using national tests for 16 year-olds as the measure. By 2013 the picture had changed totally and students in inner London were doing better than students in all regions outside London.

This research from the Education Development Trust suggests that key factors that support this momentum for continuous improvement included:

  • strong capacity in terms of teacher optimism and sense of collective efficacy
  • a good professional learning infrastructure
  • a mature mix of school-to-school competition and collaboration.



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