Examples of recent research


Here's just a flavour of the kind of research work we do, with some recent examples.

SpecialismsOur panelSectors

200 written interviews with secondary teachers and leaders about sample assessment materials.

A review of Stonehenge's education offering: surveys, observations, interviews and focus groups.

A review of Parliament's CPD provision for schools and HE: survey and focus groups.

30 telephone interviews with secondary heads of department about examiner reports.

Two focus groups of primary teachers to help revise an existing education resource, so as to include more on sustainability and to bring it up to date.

A survey of 500 primary and secondary teachers to establish the market landscape for new KS programmes in English and maths.

Three face-to-face focus groups with university lecturers and students, a survey and 20 interviews as part of due diligence for a major acquisition.

A survey of 1200 teachers and lecturers on their responses to the various party manifestos prior to the 2019 general election.

50 telephone interviews with school leaders about their CPD subscription services.

Two teacher panels testing and reviewing an online assessment tool for primary schools.

A survey of 200 senior leaders about primary assessment.

A pair of online focus groups and survey looking at a whole school approach to a charity’s school offering.

Evaluation of a pilot project for a new phonics resource.

A forum looking at HE advice services in school sixth forms.

A series of interviews and focus group looking at the secondary assessment market.

250 interviews investigating the use of standardised assessments in primary schools.

A focus group looking at a potential new fieldwork offering.

Two teacher panels proving feedback and guidance for a new online education resource.

A survey of teachers concerning the visits to historic venues.

Survey about primary literacy.

The evaluation of a major new resource for secondary geography.

A survey for one of the largest professional services firm in the world, who were advising their client about the assessment market.

A survey about maths in primary schools for a leading digital resource publisher.

Two UK based and one international focus group, some interviews and a survey for a leading university to help them develop a new Masters in education.

A survey investigating the secondary assessment market for the UK’s leading assessment provider.

A series of telephone interviews and a survey among teachers in international schools around the world for an international awarding body, investigating why these schools choose particular specifications.

A survey of primary teachers to find out how to support them in using reading books, for a multinational publishing company.

A survey of KS1 teachers looking at the how they teach poetry for the UK’s leading educational publisher.

A survey of teachers for a specialist building society, finding out about how teachers manage their finances.

Online focus groups, asking teachers for feedback to test a new concept for a well-established software publisher.

Two online focus groups with school business managers, on behalf of a major professional services provider to help them support a client.

A face to face focus group of primary teachers to test a new concept for one of the world’s biggest education publishers.

A major review of school resources for one of the world’s best known charities: surveys, focus groups and interviews.

A series of interviews, survey and feedback forms looking at Cambridge English for a large international publisher.

The UK’s most extensive study into the use of digital learning resources, via desk-based research, surveys, school visits, focus groups and interviews.

A survey of STEM teachers in the UK and India.

A review of the digital estate of one the large awarding bodies: three online focus groups and a survey.

A series of interviews for a leading professional services provider, asking about software purchasing preferences.

Testing a new concept for a global education publisher, via a series of focus groups.

A major study of food in schools for a charity established by a well-known TV chef: survey and interviews.

A teachers’ media use survey for one of the UK’s biggest awarding bodies.

A survey looking at how best to communicate with teachers.

A review of the schools offerings for 10 museums – mixed methodology.

A survey about device compatibility in schools for a large global education provider.

A longitudinal study looking a brand awareness among maths teachers for a leading awarding body.

A study of school finances – data analysis looking at school funding and spending.

Interviews with leaders of MATs about aggregated services, for a large global education provider.

An efficacy study among primary teachers comparing a digital resource with a competitor product for a very successful digital resource publisher.

A market penetration study for an Indian publisher, looking to reach the UK.

Mapping an American product to the UK curriculum.

A longitudinal quantitative study for a leading famine relief charity.

Two online focus groups about fieldwork for a charitable provider of outdoor learning experiences.