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Teacher interviews

High quality, in-depth, rich research, straight from the horse's mouth

Schoolzone interviewers know the education system well - they understand what teachers mean and they are trained to ask questions in the best way to get reliable responses. Most of them are ex-teachers themselves.

Telephone interviews are a cost effective and ideal approach for gathering a combination of qualitative and quantitative data from a pre-recruited panel of respondents. We often receive hundreds of applications for interview-based research, so we build in strategic questions to the application form, meaning that you get strong quantitative data alongside interviews.

Interviews can be preferable to focus groups when you want a high volume of qualitative response to qusetions about which the teacher will already have a good idea of their views and don't need to discuss. They're surprisingly good vlaue for money too.

Participants are selected on the basis of agreed profiling criteria in order to ensure that they represent your target audience. Typically, interviews (whether face-to-face or via the telephone) are carried out when we want to explore brand perceptions or awareness, product satisfaction, or to gather feedback after a product has been trialled or tested in the classroom.

Interviews follow a structured, pre-agreed script, with a combination of closed and open-ended, exploratory questions. We often ask participants to complete an online feedback form to gather the relevant profiling and background information prior to doing the interview, but this isn’t a compulsory component. Equally, sometimes during the interview, we might also require the respondent to log onto an online survey to test their brand recognition of logos or publishing imprints.

All interviews, unless otherwise stipulated, are recorded and can be transcribed.

We can scale the size of the project to suit your objectives and budget, and we are equally happy carrying out 10 interviews or 200!

We can take on all aspects of the project, including:

  • Recruiting in line with your profiling criteria and sample size/ quota
  • Writing the interview script
  • Carrying out the interviews
  • Analysing the data
  • Reporting in your preferred format.

As with all our research reporting, we consider participants’ feedback within the wider market context, and set out clear recommendations and calls to action.




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