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  • Face-to-face focus groups
  • Online focus groups

      Focus groups are our biggest seller. Clients come back time after time to use our focus group service. Some simply give us all their focus groups to run, even when they are capable of running them themselves.

      Here's why:

    • We are unparalleled experts in education - we know more about what's going on than any other research agency, so the discussion guide will meet all your research objectives. And, even more importantly, you can be sure that the recommendations in our final report are made in the context of other issues in schools and that they can be trusted.
    • An incredible reach: we can invite 80,000 teachers to take part. These are our own registered users, not a bought-in list. So we're more likely to match your required participant profile than anyone. It also means that we can run sessions pretty much anywhere, at a time to suit you. We even run them during the school holidays.
    • Built-in mini-quant: our incredible reach means that we often have hundreds of applicants for every focus group, so the application form incorporates some short survey questions, meaning that we obtain supporting quant data, which can be incredibly useful in answering your questions.
    • They are the Rolls Royce of focus groups: they're longer, have more participants and yield far more, high quality data than other people's. Online focus groups use a unique combination of teleconference and webinar so teachers can talk, type, take polls, share documents and so on.
    • Our moderators are, uniquely, all ex-teachers or educational publishers, and participants really notice that we speak their language, so we can get to the heart of the topic under discussion incredibly effectively.
    • Donkey's years of experience: Schoolzone has conducted hundreds of focus groups with teachers around the UK since 1998. Whatever your research objectives, it's likely that we've investigated them before, in some form or another, so we'll have a good idea about what to ask - and how.
    • Presenting findings: we love presenting our findings! We are incredibly (justifiably) proud of our focus group research and we're always happy to present findings either in person or via webinar and teleconference (the same technologies used in our online focus groups) - ideally after you've seen the draft report and before the final report.

    Generally, once clients have tried our online focus groups, they rarely want to go back to face-to-face, though sometimes you can't beat seeing teachers' faces! We're very happy to offer either, however:

  • Face-to-face focus groups
  • Online focus groups



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