Schoolzone: English in the new primary curriculum

Changes to English in the new primary curriculum

What’s gone? What’s been added?
Year 1  
  • Requirement to write non-narrative texts
    Chronological & non-chronological texts
    Typing skills
  • Reading of phonically-suitable texts
    Reading words with contractions
    Reading words with regular endings
    Making inferences from texts
    Learning and reciting poetry
    Re-reading own writing to check for sense
    Using capital letters for proper nouns
    Name the letters of the alphabet
    Spell the names of the days of the week
    Adopt a suitable writing position
    Form capital letters and digits 0-9
    Practise handwriting letter ‘families’
Year 2  
  • Specific mention of groupwork and discussion
    Use of syntax & context for reading unfamiliar
    Use of different presentational features
    Word processing
  • Earlier use of phonics without overt blending
    Contemporary & classic poetry
    Reciting poetry
    Evaluating & proof-reading own writing
    Increased use of subordination
    Higher expectations of spelling, including from
    Required introduction of joined writing
Years 3 and 4  
  • Identifying presentational features of broadcast texts
    Explicit mentions of drama (except performing
    Use of layout, graphics & font for presentation
    Keyboard/typing skills
  • Recognise different forms of poetry
    Prepare poetry for performance
    Using fronted adverbials
    Increased requirements for spelling & grammar
    (see appendices mentioned below)
    Evaluate, edit & proof-read own writing
Years 5 and 6  
  • Specific mention of working in groups
    Specific mention of dramatic skills
    Creating multi-layered texts
  • Preparing poetry for performance
    Learning poems by heart
    Formal presentations about reading
    Précising long passages of writing
    Greatly detailed grammar specifics

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