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Getting into schools can be one of the hardest tasks for those involved in the schools’ market. Why not leave it to us? We have considerable experience in classrooms and really know how to make these studies work.

Teachers are impossible to get hold of, and are frequently suspicious that publishers or suppliers are trying to sell them something. With increasingly prescriptive student safeguarding policies in place, many schools are also understandably reluctant to invite ‘outsiders’ into their environment.

However, because we’ve built up a network of schools who know and trust us, and understand the benefits of working with publishers through us, we are able to get into schools relatively easily.

School visits and classroom observations provide an invaluable insight into your target market, and are particularly useful for:

  • Developing your knowledge and understanding of teachers’ and their students’ workflows during a ‘typical’ day and longitudinally over a period of time
  • Observing an already published resource or product being used in the classroom
  • Observing a product concept being used
  • Talking to a team of teachers to get a sense of what all teachers think, not just the view of the most senior or the department head
  • Talking to students and getting their views and opinions.

Data gathering tools include video, tape recording, taking photos, and student workings.

Results can be written up as case studies which can then be used to promote your product or service.

Alternatively, the data can be analysed and reported on in a more structured format.

Our research team is DBS (CRB) cleared.





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