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Schools research white papers

Our research white papers explore how teachers are likely to respond to significant changes in government policy - and other areas of interest to our clients.

  • Communicating with teachers (October 2017)
    How do teachers find out about things and keep up to date? This short survey updates some of the findings from the research below.
  • Digital resource use in schools (March 2017)
    Our study of the use of digital learning resources is the biggest undertaken in the UK, involving school visits, interviews, focus groups, surveys and desk research. Here are all the outputs in one place.
  • School funding, spending and efficiency (May 2017)
    There is no doubt that times are hard for schools, but specifically which are doing well? Which will do even better under the new funding formula and why are some schools more efficient than others? An in-depth look at school data as provided by the DfE.
  • Coasting Schools - secondary (Nov 2016)
    A short guide to why some schools are labelled coasting, what it means and how the numbers of coasting secondary schools are likely to change in the next few years
  • International teachers' resource and CPD needs (Nov 2016)
    How do the needs of teachers in international schools differ from those of teachers in the UK? it can be difficult to find localised resources and CPD is often difficult to attend. We ran a focus group and some interviews to investigate.
  • What teachers think about grammar school expansion (Oct 2016)
    When Theresa May suggested that there should be more grammar schools, we asked teachers, via a survey, what they thought about the idea
  • School trips survey (July 2016)
    We asked teachers to tell us about their preferences for Types of learning experiences, Cost of trips, Supporting documentation. Barriers to organising trips and Virtual school trips
  • Teachers' use of charity resources (March 2016)
    Why do teachers value charity resources? We conducted a small scale survey probing the attractions.
  • Talking Heads - assessment in schools and more (Nov 2015 - July 2016)
    The removal of NC levels and the move to progress measures for accountability left schools in the lurch. We talked to focus groups of primary and secondary senior leaders during the course of the year about this issue and others as they arose. See also recordings of some of these via our YouTube channel
  • Assessment reform in primary schools (May 2016)
    Our survey of teachers about their general responses to the white paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere coupled with feedback from our Talking Heads assessment focus groups, prompted us to look further at this theme.
  • Educational Excellence Everywhere (April 2016)
    800 teachers tell us whether they agree or disagree with some of the big policies in the white paper - and we comment on what they've said
  • Maths in 2015 (Oct 2015)
    Maths has been the subject of extensive review at all levels and is set to become doubly important in school accountability. We discuss with heads of maths.
  • Digital (r)evolution in schools (Jan 2015) Our round up of the digital market in schools draws on a wide range of sources, comments on how we've got to where we are now and anticipates the future.
  • Primary teachers' use of social media (Dec 2014)
    Continuing our investigations into how teachers respond to social media campaigns, we asked primary teachers, via focus group, what's likely to work for them.
  • Secondary teachers' use of social media (August 2014)
    Received wisdom is that social media is good for building brands, but that teachers are not big users - this survey report provides clarity and scale.
  • Primary curriculum readiness (June 2014)
    Over 400 primary schools told us via survey, how they are intending to structure, deliver and resource the new primary curriculum.
  • The new GCSE grades and accountability measures (April 2014)
    18 subject leaders and deputy heads told us, via online focus group what they thought of the new GCSE performance standards and the combined impact of these and the new Progress 8 accountability measure.
  • The new primary assessment and accountability measures (April 2014)
    14 primary senior leaders told, us via online focus group how they thought their schools would respond to these measures,
  • Teachers’ response to curriculum reforms: Primary (April 2014)
    16 primary teachers told us, via linked research forums, what they thought about the forthcoming reforms, to curriculum, assessment and accountability.
  • Teachers’ response to curriculum reforms: Secondary (March 2014)
    37 secondary teachers told us, via linked research forums, what they thought about the forthcoming reforms to curriculum and assessment and the likely impact on resource and CPD needs.
  • Primary assessment and accountability (July 2013)
    30 primary teachers told us, via a series of online focus groups, what they thought would be the impact of the suggested changes to the primary assessment and accountability measures.
  • Secondary curriculum reform (Sept 2013)
    30 secondary teachers told us, via a series of online focus groups, what they thought the changes at KS3 to the curriculum and assessment would mean in schools.
  • Buyer’s Guide: tablet PCs (May 2013)
    558 teachers told us via survey about what devices they use, what they like about them and what more they're looking for.

Very recent papers are available for sale at a nominal amount (usually no more than £500), or are given away to clients who have commissioned work from us recently. If you’d like to know more about our syndicated research programme, and have the chance to submit your own questions to our teacher panel, contact Philip.

Curriculum, assessment and accountability articles

Much of our syndicated research relates to the reforms which are currently working through the system and we often write articles to help teachers and businesses understand them more easily and to give an indication of how schools are responding to them.

See our New Curriculum section for these articles.


Curriculum mapping

You might also be interested in our curriculum comparison documents: detailed breakdowns showing how the new curriculum compares with the old version


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