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Need access to teachers over a longer period of time?

Finding the right teachers to review resources or act as publishing consultants can be the most time-consuming aspect of market research. But that's only the start: how do you get ongoing feedback from busy teachers who have precious little time to answer your questions?

Answer: a Schoolzone teacher panel. These are based on our dedicated secure online discussion forums which allow you to share your ideas, concepts, designs and webpages with a panel of teachers specially chosen and briefed to meet your requirements. You can run them for as long as you like and ask as many questions as often as you like. At the end of the process you can download the whole discussion as a csv file for analysis or archiving.

We pay teachers per response (provided it's worth paying for), so you can set your own budget and regulate how quickly you use it up. We charge for set up, briefing and paying teachers and you pose the questions and consider the responses yourself so you can ensure maximum volume of response for your budget. We'll be happy to report on the data too though, if required.

We will:

  • Recruit participants matching your profiling criteria from our research community of 80,000 teachers - only selected teachers can see the forum
  • Brief them via recorded webinar to maximise engagement and clarify what's expected of them - eg how often to log in and check posts
  • Set up the forum and provide you with training on how to use it (though it's very simple)
  • Create as many moderator accounts for you and your team as you require
  • Remind teachers at intervals to log in and respond
  • Download and send you all data as csv
  • Pay teachers on completion.

Schoolzone research forums are excellent tools for facilitating asynchronous discussion between pre-selected participants which takes place online behind a secure, password protected login. Clients can develop their research during the course of data gathering, by adding questions having read responses to earlier ones, so they are great if you're looking for a flexible research option.

"I know exactly what I'd tell Mr Gove now; this forum has helped crystallise my ideas so I'd not be reduced to an incoherent rant." Anne, curriculum reform forum, Nov. 2012

Documents or content can be loaded into the forum for the panel to look at, and even annotate. Participants can also share their own documents or content, if required. Our experience is that teachers are familiar with sharing comments and feedback via this medium and so a research community quickly develops.

Research forums can be scheduled to last for as long as you wish, but typically they run for one or two weeks.

Practitioners are required to spend a minimum amount of time (again, this is typically one to two hours, but can be much longer if necessary) logging onto the forum and responding to the researcher’s questions, and commenting on other comments posted. They are also required to access the forum a minimum number of times, although they may do so flexibly when it suits them.

The client is given access to the forum, so they can see comments unfolding day by day.

Once the forum closes, the data is summarised, analysed, and presented in the most relevant format.

As with all our research reporting, we consider participants’ feedback within the wider market context, and set out clear recommendations and calls to action.It's very easy and, we think, a unique service in the UK.

If you'd like to ask us about teacher panels, please call or email Philip: 01242 262906

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