Schoolzone: Terms and Conditions for Research & Development, Metatagging

Terms and Conditions

Research & Development, Metatagging

1. All costs quoted are exclusive of VAT; which will be added to these costs during invoicing and should be taken in account when reviewing the quote and/or raising purchase orders.

2. Travel and accommodation costs and incentive payments to teachers will be added to the prices quoted if they are essential to the completion of the work detailed in this proposal and are not specifically included in the Proposal signed off by the client.

3. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the costs quoted in any proposal documents there may be reasons why these costs could change. All changes to costs will be communicated to the client as soon as possible and agreed in writing prior to commencement of that phase of the work.

4. Final proposals require confirmation in writing before work commences. Schoolzone will email or post the Final Proposal though to the client together with the Research Instruction Confirmation Sheet for completion and return by the client.

5. The Research Instruction Confirmation Sheet will set out the dates for phases of work to be delivered, payment stages and costs. Schoolzone will invoice the client as set out 14 days before the date agreed for each payment stage and the client agrees to pay in full the fees set out in that invoice within 30-days of receiving the invoice from Schoolzone.

6. Return of the Research Instruction Confirmation Sheet and its return to the Schoolzone office by email makes the placement of the instructions and associated fees as set out in that document binding upon the client.

7. Where in the course of a project alterations to the project phases are agreed in writing (which for the avoidance of doubt in this case includes email communications) between Schoolzone and the client, this will be annotated in an Addendum Proposal to be sent to the client via email with an Addendum Research Instruction Confirmation Sheet for completion and return to the Schoolzone office by email.

8. Schoolzone will ensure the confidentiality of the client and work conducted. Schoolzone may request use details of any project for reference/promotional purposes, but for the first 3 months following the reporting date the client will be contacted first and will be allowed to deny permission.

9. Except as expressly provided in the Proposal, neither party may use the other party's confidential information. All contact data provided by the client must conform to data protection legislation current at the time of use by Schoolzone as agreed in the Proposal. Schoolzone accepts no responsibility for the consequences of the use of data which does not comply. Schoolzone reserves the right to terminate any agreement on the basis of the provision of data which does not conform to such legislation or the MRS Code of Conduct, with which Schoolzone complies.

10. The client may not contact or reuse for purposes related to the work detailed in this document or future work any contacts made via Schoolzone (for example teachers, consultants etc.), without express permission from Schoolzone.

11. Schoolzone assigns to the client any intellectual property rights relating to the analysed data or reports created or developed as part of the work detailed in the Proposal for three months subsequent to the reporting date. After a period of three months from the reporting date Schoolzone reserves the right quote from any reports or raw data unless specified elsewhere in the Proposal. Data pertaining to a client specific project, product or service will not be used in this way. The client may continue to quote from the report or raw data in perpetuity after this three month period provided Schoolzone is quoted as the research provider.

12. All metatagging work will be carried out using such software as deemed appropriate at Schoolzone's discretion and tested in environments as outlined in the Proposal. Mapping to the National Curriculum will be carried out by Schoolzone and/or its subcontractors as set out in the Proposal. Where the client requires alterations/additions to the mapping/tagging/content pakcs which, in the opinion of Schoolzone, arise as a result of error by Schoolzone and/or its subcontractors, this will be carried out as part of the service at no additional fee. Alterations/additions requested by the publisher which, in the opinion of Schoolzone, arise out of a subjective difference of opinion re National Curriculum Mapping, alterations to client requirements to for content pack file sizes, editorial content etc will not be made as part of the service and will incur an additional fee to be agreed in writing between Schoolzone and the client.

13. This agreement will terminate immediately if determined by Schoolzone that there is a breach of this agreement.

14. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time for any reason by giving the other party at least 30 days prior written notice.

15. In the event of termination of this agreement the parties will agree those phases of the project that are ongoing, have been or are to be completed and will agree the costs to be invoiced accordingly.

16. If agreement cannot be reached between the parties with 14 days from termination then Schoolzone will invoice for the phases of the project that will be completed within the termination notice period and the fees associated with those phases, as set out in the Research Instruction Confirmation Sheet.

17. All information detailed in the Proposal remains valid for 30 days from the date on the cover and footer of it. After 30 days the proposal will need to be resubmitted.

18. In using any of Schoolzone's research services, including surveys, focus groups, research forums, interviews or school visits, clients agree to follow the MRS Code of Conduct. This includes a prohibition on the use of Schoolzone services to market products and services or to recruit for projects beyond the agreed scope.


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