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Email messages

Schoolzone conducts ongoing research into what makes effective marketing to reach teachers. Here are a few tips about how to help make sure your emails are read by teachers - we'll offer specific advice on each campaign.

1. Effective messages
  • Teachers really value the opinions of other teachers, but distrust suppliers using "teachers say..." messages
  • Curriculum subject and key stage relevance makes a huge difference
  • "Free resources to download" messages are good for click-thorughs, as long as they are directly relevant to teaching and learning
  • "Time saving" messages are not as powerful as you might think. Teachers much prefer messages about things that will make their lessons more interesting for students
  • Time of year is very important, but very difficult to get right: do some research to find out when teachers are most likely to be interested in your message: it's not necessarily after April and before July.

2. Avoid usage of words and phrases which are commonly found in spam.

We check all emails to minimise spam scores, but here are some words to avoid:

  • Apply now
  • Apply online
  • Call free
  • Call now
  • Click
  • Click here
  • Don't hesitate
  • For instant access
  • For Only
  • Great offer
  • Limited time
  • Month trial offer
  • Offer expires
  • Opt in
  • Order now
  • Order today
  • Please read
  • Special promotion
  • Subscribe
  • Urgent
  • Visit our website 

3. Provide a text only version of the email

We can do this for you, but it's best if you do it yourself.

4. Check the subject line:

  • Do not use capitalisations
  • Avoid using £, $, ?, !
  • Keep the text below 50 characters (6-10) words

5.Tips about design:

No email design can be guaranteed to appear exactly as you want it - every view will be slightly different, so keep designs simple. We test them in major email systems and will try to correct any issues, but the more you can do beforehand the quicker the approval time.

  • Do not cut paste and paste from Word - it makes horrible html
  • Do not use large font sizes, or lots of different font colours
  • Do not use capitalisation
  • Keep text to background contrast ratio above 7:1
  • Avoid coloured background
  • Do not use Javascript, Flash etc
  • CSS rarely works in emails
  • Use inline styling, not links to stylesheets
  • Do not include the URL you want to direct teachers to, in the text ie not: - instead, link via text, eg Schoolzone

6. Images:

Open rates depend on the recipients downloading an invisible image which we add to any html emails we send. However, not all email software downloads them automatically, so anything you can do to encourage teachers to download the images in emails will help your open rate.

  • Give teachers a compelling image to open the email in full
  • Keep images small - both in size and in number
  • Look at your design with the images hidden - does it still convey the message?
  • If you have images which are essentially coloured text, consider using tables and coloured backgrounds and text instead - that way they can be read even if the email is only seen in preview.



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