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Email marketing

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  • 80,000 registered teachers
    • Personal email addresses
    • No set up charge
    • Extensive testing before sending, maximising response rates

    Schoolzone has a long-term relationship with its teacher community. We do not just send them advertising and marketing materials, we consult them frequently during our research studies, which the teachers tell us they really enjoy taking part in. As a result they trust us and take our email messages seriously. For maximum impact, use emails alongside website advertising.

    How can we reach a large number of teachers quickly and economically?

    Schoolzone's profiled database of teachers allows us to contact teachers on your behalf. Not only are our emails considerably cheaper than many other educational websites, but your email is delivered to the personal email-addresses of named teachers: not to generic school-addresses.

    Call or email Josie Bray 01242 262906

    What can you do?
    With solus mailings, send whenever it suits you (subject to availability) to the whole list, just primary or secondary, or to a subset.

    You can include as much text or as many images and links as you like. Just send us the html and we'll do the rest. If you prefer, we can even build it for you, at a small additional cost.

    What does it cost?
    This type of advertising is said to be one of the most cost-effective methods for generating quality leads. Your bespoke message is delivered to the personal email addresses of those teachers opted-in to receive information from Schoolzone, on the behalf of relevant companies.

    Schoolzone's costs vary depending upon the number of teachers you are contacting. Please contact us to discuss costs, we are able to tailor every package to fit within your marketing budget

    What do you get?

    • Advice on how to get the most from your campaign, based on over 14 years' experience.
    • A dedicated email to Schoolzone's registered users - your own message alone.
    • Three full reports scheduled for when you want them.


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