Schoolzone Current research and consultancy work on offer

Current research and consultancy work on offer

Schoolzone values your ideas and opinions.  We pay excellent rates (typically £25 per hour) and offer both payments and prize draws for surveysSee what winners say

Check our home page regularly to see what we have on offer or register and we'll let you know by email. Sign up for our loyalty scheme to receive payments for surveys.

Here's what we have on offer at the moment:

Deadline: 15/02/2016

What does using Skype, or another ‘free’ online video calling service mean to you, and how does it enhance your life, both outside and inside school? In this short survey, you’ll have the chance to tell us what you, personally, think about using these kinds of services to teach and connect your classroom to a wider community of schools – whether it works for you or not and why.

We’ll also be asking you about online field trips: in principle, a good thing?

Tell us what you think, and you’ll automatically be entered for our prize draw, worth £500. And, if you’re signed up to the Schoolzone loyalty scheme, you’ll also receive a £2 credit top up.

£500 cash prize draw More details

Focus groups

These are group discussions with 6 - 10 participants, run by a Schoolzone moderator. We pay attendees £50 - £60 each to participate. Groups run for 2 hours after school (usually starting at 4:30) and are held at a prominent local venue or online with teleconferencing.

Focus groups are a great opportunity to get your voice heard and hear from colleagues in other schools. We run groups on a variety of topics and teachers often say that participation has been the best CPD they've had all year. Not to mention the cash!


Surveys are probably the simplest way to take part in Schoolzone research - they typically take about 5 minutes to complete and we pay loyalty scheme members £2 per completion, where appropriate. Additionally, we run monthly prize draws for all entrants. These are typically £750 to £1,000.

Our surveys are always aimed at teachers or other education professionals, not asking you what sort of shampoo you use. Often, the resulting reports are published on the Schoolzone site.

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Help and support

  • To take part in any of our paid consultancy work, you need to register first - it's free
  • For information regarding teacher payments please email Amy
  • To see how much you've earned via the Schoolzone loyalty scheme, login
  • More details of the loyalty scheme and registration are here
  • For other enquiries, please email Helen Burks or call us on 01242 262906
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