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9 July 2015

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Schools are on the cusp - again - of everything changing. While Gove didn't stay at the DfE long enough to see most of his reforms through, they are now starting to bite despite him.

It's not just curriculum reform that's working its way through schools though: the freeze on budgets, coupled with reduced funding for sixth form, special needs and other areas, as well as the increased cost of pay and pensions are all compounding the stress which schools are under.

A new Ofsted framework in September comes with strings attached for coasting schools and the threat of forced conversion to academisation.

You might expect then, that headteachers, would be full of woe, that their offices would echo with the sound of gnashing teeth and rending garments.When we talked to senior leaders at this week's taster sessions for our new Talking Heads service we found them concerned, yes, but also remarkably cheerful about the situation. They all have their particular combinations of issues to deal with and show a remarkable flair for coming up with solutions - and they really enjoyed hearing what other schools were doing in response. After two hours of rigorous discussion though, their garments remained unrent.

Anyway, you can see and hear for yourself what they had to say at Talking Heads: this is a new service which we're launching next term and consists of live discussions with panels of senior leaders in primary and secondary schools. Subscribers will be able to put questions to panellists and to help shape the topics we discuss over the coming year.

These taster sessions will give you an idea of what the discussions will be like and we'll be providing full reports of the findings.



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