Schoolzone: Hey kids, I'm blogging about Twitter!

Hey kids, I'm blogging about Twitter!


15 Sept 2014


Many of our clients - if not all of them - use social media to reach teachers in order to build their brands. A couple of years ago there was a feeding frenzy as everyone invested heavily in personnel or professional social media services. But then interest died down, or maybe just settled down, as use of social media has become normalised. There has been a general disappointment with the results of social media as people are dubious about the value of having thousands of followers (does anyone read anything?) and it's virtually impossible to track sales back to social media in any reliable way.

So we decided to investigate directly with teachers. Do they use social media? Is it blocked in schools? Whom do they follow? Why and when? We asked over 400 teachers via a survey during the school holidays. Here are some of the things we learned.

Teachers really like other teachers
We already knew this really - that's why we employ teachers here at Schoolzone - but it's also true about Twitterers (if that's what they're called). Teachers like to follow teachers who tweet about good resources and ideas. There is a surprisingly large number of them out there!

Facebook is for friends
Again, not really a revelation, but teachers tell us they don't really want companies butting in on their Facebook use, though it's good for networking with other teachers.

Evenings are social
It might seem obvious that teachers tend to use social media (professionally) in the evening more than during the school day, although we tend to find teachers very response to email during working hours. Anyway, though social media isn't blocked in schools, generally, teachers tend to ignore it until they're home.

Do You Tube
YouTube may not be the first form of social media to come to mind, but it's a great resource for teachers (available in most schools) and potentially a fantastic way to share your own resources, though the competition is fierce. Similarly, TES. It looks as if these are up there with Google (the search engine, not Google+) as routes for messages.

Anyway, our full report is on our research white papers page.




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