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Another year of PE funding

05 Nov 2014
The government this week announced a continuation of the PE funding (a 'fresh boost' as they put it), citing research showing that it's been a success. We took issue with this interpretation of the research in a previous post since it showed that two thirds of schools said there has been only 'a little impact' on confidence, healthier lifestyle or physical fitness. A quarter felt that there had been no impact at all on improvements in other academic subjects.

Apparently the amount of PE lesson time has gone up by 13 minutes per pupil per week - the inference being that this is as a result of this funding, though in the absence of data on any previous years, we'll have to take this at face value. We reckon this works out at around £9.60 per lesson (workings below*). Now, schools also say they have spent the funding as follows (according to the research cited by the DfE)...

How to make the most of PE funding

21 Oct 2014
... and please Ofsted at the same time.

They report that in 22 schools inspected, all had plans on how to spend their PE funding. Most employed specialist teachers or sports coaches, some were using the new funding to put in place a range of additional activities ... and so on: you could probably write the rest yourself.

But while schools are spending the cash in predictable ways, they're also repeating the same mistakes as they've made many times before.

PE funding - a success?

08 Sep 2014
If someone gave you £9,000 a year for a few years, then asked: 'is this extra cash doing you any good?' what do you think you'd say?
Would it be something along the lines of it's had 'a big positive impact', perhaps? Or even 'a little impact'?
In its £150 million a year PE and sports premium, the DfE gave all state primary schools around £9,000 each last year, and plan to continue to do so every year until 2020. So when schools were asked about how they spent it, which of the above answers would you expect them give?
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