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05 Dec 2014

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When, under the Gove regime, we heard that AS was no longer going to constitute the first half of an A-level, we thought, “why on Earth would anyone think that was a good idea?” So we asked our panel of teachers what they thought about it. Bonkers! came the reply.

Yes, there are many fans of linearisation (better overview of the subject, improved skills development, less time wasted and so on), but almost no-one thought that decoupling AS was a good idea. Teachers couldn’t see why anyone would want to take a two-year AS that was worth less than half an A-level. And what would it do to the university application process?

So we cheerfully concluded that this plan was likely to be scrapped; our confidence growing as other reforms were ditched and the universities, loudest of which was Cambridge, raised hell about the idea. When Gove went, we thought that was the end of it – surely a new education secretary would see sense?

Well, it’s not been scrapped. Morgan is keeping the policy – it’s one of the few things she has been clear about: no one seems to know why. So now schools are faced with the prospect of either scrapping AS altogether, teaching it alongside A-level, as now, or running separate groups of sixth form students in the same subject.

So, we’d like to hear your thoughts on this again, now schools have had a chance to think through the implications. We’re offering to pay £20 for 30 minutes of your time to tell us about your feelings on the issue over the phone.

If you are a senior leader or teacher of the first subjects to be affected and would like to take part, please complete the application form via the link below. The subjects first affected are:

  • English
  • Science
  • History
  • Economics
  • Business studies
  • Computer science
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Art

When applying, we’ll ask you to suggest some times when you might be available between 10 and 17 December and for a number we can call you on. Please note that the interviews will be recorded but anonymous.


For a complete overview of the reform schedule, see:

  • Exam reform timetable
  • Exam reform by year group





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