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Teachers' thinking


2 Oct 2014


We asked teachers to tell us what they thought about current plans for reform of the curriculum, exam system,assessment and accountability measures.

It turns out that, while they aren't panicking about any of these things there areas of uncertainty. Here, paraphrased from 60,000 words of report, are some of them...

We’ve no levels anymore so how do we know how much progress students have made

and it’s more important than ever that we know

and our success depends on unreliable SATs data

and how are maths and English and Y6 teachers going to cope with the extra pressure

and all the GCSE s are going to change and the grade boundaries will be very different

and every borderline will be as important as the C/D borderline

and the style of questions will be harder

and the content will be more difficult

and there will be tougher maths and literacy requirements

and greater synopticity

and there won’t be any past papers to practise with

and maths GCSE will be longer

and single award science has gone

and BTECs aren’t worth as much

and there will be no benchmarking measures available

and the sequence of modules has gone

and there’s no coursework so the less able will suffer

and girls will do worse

and we won’t teach practical skills anymore

and SLT won’t let us take fieldtrips

and we won’t be able to keep kids engaged

and we don’t know if KS3 is good preparation for KS4

and we don’t know if we’ll get as many students in foundation subjects

and our A-level numbers will be down

and we’ll have to do more catch-up in Y7

and they’ll all come to us with different MFLs

and we can’t plan KS3 ‘til we see the new GCSEs

and what do we do with all our old resources

and we’ll need to start GCSE in Y9 and finish it earlier in Y11

and we’ll have to keep going over and over topics so they don’t forget

and will new A-levels be really really hard

and we won’t have enough maths teachers

and we’ll have to do extra support sessions

and students will need to do more independent learning

and how do we differentiate in a world without tiers

and how do we link assessment between KS3 and KS4

and who’s going to train us

and how will we pay for it

and will it be all done in our own time

and will pupil premium be based on performance

and how will my pay be affected by results

and will they take a dive when the new system comes in

and how will it work showing progress for the year group which is three years in advance of the one we’re reporting on

and, eh, what was the last one?





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