Schoolzone blog: Sex, but no drugs or rock and ...

Sex, but no drugs or rock and....


30 Sept 2014 this point the rather laboured attempt to make the title of this post homorous dribbles out...

It's about the final announcement on the content of KS4 science, as the DfE respond to the consultation: which received responses from 12 teachers and five schools.

It seems that among the 54 responses received in total, some were concerned that there wasn't enough about sex or earth science. They have revised this to include more on sexually transmitted disease, but haven't increased the amount of earth science (to do with rock).

There we are: humorous title expained.

There was no mention of drugs in the feedback. That's how lame the joke was.

Like the response to the consultation. Presumably no one is really interested in the national curriculum at KS4 - indeed most teachers assume there isn't one any more. All that really matters is what's in the GCSEs, but we don't get much (public) say in that.

If you do want a say in the development of new qualifications - sign up to Schoolzone: we pay for you to contribute your opinions.

Lame joke; shameless recruitment message. The end.




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