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22 Jan 2015

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Politicians often use PISA data (it's not a survey, by the way, Mrs Morgan) and other European data to justify policies - Mr Gove, was a great exponent of this strategy. The OECD has published its wonderful Education Policy Outlook 2015: Making Reforms Happen which gives a comparison of UK education with the rest of the OECD. You can compare country data directly, or read country by country reports.

To whet your appetite, we've picked some interesting stats to illustrate how we (the UK) are doing. The results are pleasing - unless you're a politician trying to make political capital out of it. Here are some charts and summaries - we haven't chosen those that show the UK in a good light, they are just those that we found most interesting.

According to PISA 2012, the UK performed at the OECD average in reading and maths and above average in science. We do better than average with socially disadvantaged children (but worse in NI):


We use assessment data less for setting and more for other reasons than other OECD countries do:


Secondary schools have greater autonomy than schools in other OECD countries - note that this was before the academisation program, so presumably this is even higher now:


Our expenditure at the end of the previous government was higher as a % of GDP (see anticipations for future spending from the Institute for Fiscal Studies here):






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