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13 Jan 2015

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We're still waiting for approval for WJEC's GCSE in maths and their AS/A-levels in biology, chemistry, psychology and physics, as well as both AQA's and Pearson (Edexcel)'s chemistry (sent back to all but OCR in November owing to inappropriate maths content). Otherwise all specifications for first teaching in 2015 are now approved and available.

Your pals at schoolzone have thoughtfully and at no little effort, put all the information you could need about the new specs into one place. If you're comparing offerings from different awarding bodies, or publishing materials for schools to use, this is your central source of all you need to know.

There are links to the specs (including draft specs - beware! - of those subjects mentioned above), sample assessment materials, overviews, video guides and various other support materials. Plus, for GCSE, there are links to the new 2015 grade descriptors.




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