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26 March 2015

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Years ago, when I did marking, we were called markers and we were sent piles of smelly exam papers, which were horrible to handle and depressing to receive. They did give you some sense of achievement when you finished them though.

Back in the nineties we had absolutley no concept that one day it would be possible to do it all, including live moderation meetings, via a computer. I still marvel at the technology that makes all this possible.

But maybe you don't feel that way about online marking - perhaps the technology isn't so marvellous. Or perhaps it works perfectly well for you. Or maybe you have some ideas about how it could be even better.

If you're an examiner for an awarding body at GCSE, iGCSE, A-level or IB, this is your chance to give feedback, by telling us what you think about the online, emarking system you use. Does it provide the support you need to do your job as easily and well as possible?

The following survey gives you the chance to score the system:

You'll be entered into our March prize draw of five prizes of £100 each.

You’ll also earn a free place on a Schoolzone Interactive Training Webinar. The first series will be run by awarding bodies, in each subject, focusing on the new GCSE specifications, and will give you the opportunity to ask questions on behalf of your department. Each place, for an hour long interactive session, is worth £25, and at the end of the survey you’ll have the chance to express your interest in coming along.




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