Schoolzone: £1.8million for languages teaching

£1.8million for languages teaching


9 Sept 2014


Compared to £150 million given directly to primary schools to support PE, this figure, spread across both primary and secondary phases, seems small. In fact it's also very limited geographically and not available directly to schools, other than those who already know about it.

The funding will support a range of teacher-training initiatives led by universities and teaching schools who will provide support for local schools. It's not clear whether the nine regions benefitting particularly need the boost for languages training or if there is some other reason for the choice.

Here are the nine regions, with the equivalent financial cost per school in each, based on the DfE's figures:

Reading £3,250
Birmingham £2,100
Gloucestershire £2,000
Leicester £1,600
Winchester £1,227
Cornwall £1,070
Warrington £289
Warwick £69

Rest of the country: £0

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