Schoolzone: The interview process

The interview process

Once the closing date has passed your prospective school will be busy shortlisting. This will usually be done in the couple of days after the closing date but rest assured that some schools are slower than others. You should receive notification at least two days prior to the interview and usually earlier.

Don’t feel that you have to make any snap judgements at this stage. If you are invited to interview it is worth going to get the experience, but you should also think of the process as two way. To some extent you are interviewing the school as well. Be certain that you do want the job before you accept it.

You may feel that the interview is important for you, but it's also important for the school: whether you're joining a small primary or department in a secondary school, you will be a new member of a small, close team, so the school needs to get it right. To that end they often involve several members of staff and governors for a whole day: they are a big time commitment for the school.

While each school will obviously devise their own schedules and procedures, these are some common ingredients and other issues to look consider.


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