Schoolzone: The teaching episode

The teaching episode

 It is a pretty sure bet that your school will want to see you teach.

This really is an important part of the interview and one that simply cannot be fouled up. The school will forgive you for nerves in the interview but if you are a bundle of nerves in the lesson and what you have prepared is poor, or badly thought through, then you will have shot yourself in the foot. You are applying to teach so show them that you can teach. It is likely that the lesson will be observed by the Head of Department and maybe a member of the school’s leadership team or a governor.

Here is some advice:

No ‘winging it’ here. This bit has to be superbly planned and delivered as slickly as possible in the circumstances

Stick very carefully to the remit given on the invitation to interview

Create a lesson plan and make sure that whoever is observing gets a copy of the plan. On the plan give some sense of where you believe the lesson would fit in into a broader scheme of work

Think carefully about the nature of the class. Is it high ability? Make sure that you pitch the lesson correctly. This is particularly important if the class is mixed ability

Try to get all students involved in some way

They are looking at you as well as your lesson. Make sure you look like you are enjoying yourself—smile—if appropriate laugh

The most important thing to do is to engage the students. If you can get them interested and enthused then you have done most of the work

Don’t be boring

Don’t feel you have to use technology. Only use it if it helps to bring your lesson to life.


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