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The pastoral panel

This section is more pertinant to interviews in secondary schools, but some of the questions will be useful for primary too. Remember that a large part of teaching is concerned with the pastoral care of children.

This part of the selection process is often carried out in part by non-specialists, such as parent governors, so make sure your answers don't involve too much jargon.

It might be that your school has a pastoral panel. This might involve a Head of Year, a senior teacher and perhaps a governor. They will ask you fairly general questions about pastoral care which might include:

What experience have you had of having your own class (primary) or being a form tutor (secondary)?

What is the most enjoyable feature of having your own class/being a tutor?

What is the most challenging aspect?

What is your view of uniform in a school?

If a student told you something and insisted on you keeping it secret what would you do?

If you saw two girls pushing each other in the corridor what would you do?

How would you deal with a student who kept laughing at the responses of another student in one of your classes?

If you kept getting reports about one of your tutees not doing their homework in other subjects what would you as their form tutor do about it?

You get the idea…all fairly common sense stuff. However, you should remember that some of your responses depend on the school’s own systems and it is worth saying that in all of these cases you will, once appointed, quickly get a grasp of the school’s behaviour policy and follow it to the letter.


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