Schoolzone: Researching the school

Preparing for interview: researching the school

You’ve seen a job…what next?

Have a good look at the job.

Is it a main-scale job?

Is it a state or independent school?

Does the school welcome NQT applications for this particular job?

Once you are happy that it is a goer start to put your application together.


If there is a person specification in th job details go through it carefully and highlight the areas that you think you cover. Start to think of examples

Look carefully at the wording of the advert. These are the words or themes that you will need to cover in your application

Look carefully at the school’s website. Look at your department or Key Stage area and make a note of things that might be relevant. For example if the department runs a trip to some local castle perhaps you could mention this in your letter. Try to find out about the extra-curricular provision offered in the school. It might be that you could deliberately look to compliment some area of the school’s work. On a broader level try to get a sense of the ethos of the school. This will be particularly important at interview

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