School Improvement Agency - NQT year basics

NQT year basics

During your teacher training you willhave achieved Qualified Teacher Status and then will normally go on to complete the statutory induction process.

You do not need to complete the induction process to work in an academy, a free school, independent school or an FE institution, though you can complete induction in these institutions and most academies will want you to have completed it, too.

The Teachers’ Standards will be used to assess your performance at the end of your induction period. Judgements will reflect the expectation that you have effectively consolidated your initial teacher training (ITT) and demonstrated your ability to meet the relevant standards consistently over a sustained period in your practice.

If you fail to meet the relevant standards, you will not be permitted to repeat induction and you can't extend except where you have been off sick for more than 30 days in the year, in which case it will be extended. This doesn't apply to maternity leave. At the end of the period your head or the appropriate body may require you to extend it however.

Induction cannot be completed in a school requiring special measures except in cases where Ofsted have judged a school to be suitable to host induction.

You may want to complete your NQT induction on a part-time basis. The induction calculator will help you work out how long this will take. For guidance on how to use the induction calculator, please see the associated induction calculator instructions.

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