Schoolzone: Applying for your first teaching post

Applying for your first teaching post

It is a very good idea to start getting prepared for applying towards the end of your first term.

Teaching jobs become available in abundance after Christmas and for NQT jobs particularly between February and May. Jobs will still be available up to the end of the summer term because teachers can resign anytime up to May half term.

Some general advice on looking for jobs:

Use the Times Educational Supplement (you can set up email alerts on their website), Eteach and your local education authority’s website. Schools will also advertise on their own websites.

Listen carefully to the advice given at university and also seek advice from staff inside your training school.

Be careful to make a good impression at your training school because you never know whether a job might come up. Being a student teacher at the school can be an advantage but it can also be a disadvantage if you have blotted your copybook.Casting your net widely obviously helps but if you are constrained by an inability to move don’t panic, jobs do become available.

If you see a job you like the look of think carefully about whether it is feasible. How far would you have to travel? If you would have to move location what are rental or property prices like? If you are planning to commute, how long would the drive be? It might be worth trying it out. It is worth remembering that travelling an hour at the start and end of the day does extend the your working hours considerably.

Start collating all those things you’ll need for an application such as your national insurance number and maybe start putting together some ideas for a letter.

Put together an electronic list of all your employment details to date in reverse order. You will have to put these on your form and it is a good idea to make sure that they are accurate. Make sure that they are correct and that you haven’t just made them up. Employers are likely to check for safeguarding reasons and also if you have made a mistake with the dates it highlights a careless attitude on your part.


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