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Schoolzone's advertising is the perfect way to communicate with teachers. The Schoolzone website offers a range of possibilities, aside from our popular banner offerings, we also offer opportunities to send your message to teachers via bespoke email.

Banners, MPU and leaderboard combinations: you name it! Our audience is almost entirely teachers - a roughly equal split of primary and secondary. Ads can be weighted, scheduled, capped, rotated, animated and all stats are available in real time via a secure login.


Virtually the whole site is subject and/or age targeted: select science in the webguide, for example, and you'll also see science events happening in the next few weeks alongside.


You can check the progress of your web-based campaign live, via a secure login: try running two banners and see which is more effective, for example.

Worried about spending too much? We can cap the number of page impressions a day and schedule to be viewed only at the best times of day or simply cap your overall spending.

The Schoolzone website advertising service is much more flexible than others, ensuring that your value for money goes even further.


As well as being smarter than other services, we cost a lot less, with our banners costing the equivalent of less than £1.30 per thousand impression, in comparison with MPU (300 x 250 px) advertising on TES, costing around £26 per 1000 impressions.


If you think we can help, or would like to discuss possibilities, please call Josie Bray on 01242 262906 or email.



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