Why use Schoolzone

Our main strengths:
  • We know schools better than anyone
  • We have 80,000 teachers waiting to answer your questions

Our clients value the quality of our research because it's efficient, effective, and we really know what we're talking about. You won't find another research team with the wealth of experience and expertise that you'll find when you engage Schoolzone. So you can be sure that the reports you get back from us have reliable recommendations based on robust evidence.

We chose Schoolzone above any other research company due to their clear passion for, and understanding of, teachers – and they were amazing value too! Throughout our work with them, Melissa and the team added real value which went far beyond simply research; they provided tremendous insight, a wealth of data, and an ability to interpret complex qualitative and quantitative data into plain English and usable information.
Anne Maton, Teachers Building Society


Schoolzone isn’t just a market research agency: we work alongside our community of teachers to provide them with information and support as we understand the challenges they face.

We know that our teachers really appreciate this two way flow of communication and feel that they are listened to and get something back from us (other than payments!).

We like to think that the relationship we have with our community of teachers produces richer research outcomes as they are fully engaged with the projects, really support the work that we do and view Schoolzone as a company helping to shape the future of education. Many teachers who take part in our research are keen to be involved further in projects and often become early adopters and advocates of the resources they have provided feedback about.

Here's what some of our teachers say about Schoolzone:

“It is an organisation that researches key educational topics and themes of change within schools and compiles the findings for use by other organisations. It is a very efficient and useful service and respects the opinions of teachers that work with them”.

“Schoolzone provide a range of opinions, ideas and resources to help you be a better teacher in touch with current educational theory and practice”

“The ability to trial resources and network with other colleagues is invaluable. Schoolzone respect our professionalism and allow us to offer our opinions to publishers and consortiums”.




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