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8 May 2015

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A Conservative government, unshackled from the Lib Dems, is not simply a continuation for school policy. Reduced budgets for schools is the major worry for teachers, as is the increase in Free Schools.

According to our recent poll, the least popular Tory policies were:

  • Failing schools should be converted into academies (1%)
  • The EBacc should be compulsory at GCSE (4%)
  • The free school programme should be extended (6%)
Here's what they have promised.


  • Emphasis on the 3Rs
  • Students required to resit exams at end of KS2 if they fail
  • Continue with early years pupil premium; schools, nurseries and childminders are to receive £300 for every 3- and 4-year-old from a low-income family.
  • A good primary school place for every child


  • Great majority of young people to study maths to age 18 by 2020. To support this, 6 new core maths qualifications included in school and college performance tables from 2017 and as part of the TechBacc (Technical Baccalaureate) measure from 2016.
  • Create 3 million apprenticeships by the end of the next Parliament.
  • Three new categories of vocational qualifications: ‘technical awards’ for 14-16 year olds; ‘technical certificates’ for 16-19 year olds; ‘tech levels’ which are equivalent to A-levels. The qualifications will count in league tables from 2017 and have the backing of employers, industry bodies and higher education institutions
  • The EBacc should be compulsory at GCSE (according to Liz Truss)


  • Create at least 500 new free schools in England by 2020 by investing £18 billion
  • Force schools that are requiring improvement as well as those that are inadequate to be taken over by a successful Academy provider
  • Zero tolerance on failure. Immediate support where schools are failing or coasting
  • £3.5 million fund designed to place character education on a par with academic learning for pupils across the country.
  • Raise teacher training entry requirements
  • Establish a new, independent, professional body – a ‘college of teachers’ – to represent and champion high standards in the teaching profession.
Surely we'll see a new Education Secretary in place before long, too: Nicky Morgan was a self-admitted caretaker in the post. Sweepstake on her replacement?


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