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7 May 2015

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There's never been a more difficult election to predict (apparently), so if you're still undecided, here's something that might help if, like me, you have education at the top of your priority list.

There's considerable overlap in the parties' policies for schools and, as we found out (below), there's no clear winner among the parties. So we've combined teachers' thinking to produce a schoolzone manifesto for education. OK, a bit late to enter the race as our own party this time around, but maybe 2020...

So what would be the ideal coalition? Well, considering the schools policies which find most favour with our teachers, the ideal outcome would be the maintenance of the current coalition, shored up by UKIP. Ouch!

However, you may notice that Lib Dem policies are most popular and that, if you can't face the prospect of UKIP, a Lab-Lib coalition would be the next best option. Luckily, Nick Clegg has staked a claim on the DfE in any future coalition that involves the Lib Dems.



PS: the author, Philip Collie is a Labour supporter / Lib Dem tactical voter, but hopefully this isn't reflected in the above...




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