Schoolzone: Supporting charities and the new curriculum

Supporting charities and the new curriculum


16 Sept 2014


When Schoolzone reached its 10th birthday, we started to sponsor 10 children in Uganda and we've taken great pleasure in seeing them grow and learn over the intervening six years. Fahadi, for example, has just learned how to tell the time and now wants to be a policeman - he likes the white bicycles!

Anyway, we also do what we can, as a small company, to support charities both locally (eg we hosted a Brekkie for Winston's Wish) and nationally, by offering advice and help wherever we can. For example, this week we're running some free webinars which are intended to help charities to understand how schools are responding to the various reforms which are currently rolling through schools. These are based on our ongoing research programme with our 80,000 teachers.

The participation from charities has had a decidely international flavour: we were surprised to have people joining us from China, Colombia and Jamaica for example. It's actually quite difficult to pitch delivery to such a diverse audience, especially given the very wide range of stuff we could tell them about!

Our motivation for running these webinars just now is that virtually all the reforms have some inpact on charities' offerings for schools. Obviously, the curriculum changes are very significant, because resource contents might now be out of date, but so too are changes to assessment (eg impacting on differentiation), accountability (affecting GCSE options, for example) and the academies programme (reduced LA support), but we think we are managing to cover the most significant aspects that will impact on charities.

If you'd like to have access to the recordings of these webinars, please email philip@schoolzone, stating whether you would like the focus to be on primary, secondary or both. If you represent a charity and would like some specific advice about the reforms, please give Philip a call on 01242 262906.


Many of the charities attending this week's seminars work in the field of global education: perhaps because this aspect of the curriculum seems to have taken a bit of a hit in recent years as primary schools have focused more on English and maths. However, Think Global have produced some excellent guidance for schools wanting to incorporate the global dimension into the new curriculum:







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