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30 April 2015

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Teaching interviews are unusual becuase interviewees are usually told at the the end of the process whether they have been given the job or not. You could find yourself waiting with the other candidates, after everyone else has gone home, to be told which of you has been given it. Alternatively, the school may send you home and call you later, so make sure you will be available by phone.

If you get the job, smile and internally give a massive cheer. If you are still in school at this point, you will probably have to sign some paperwork and the headteacher will hand you over to another member of staff who might discuss with you what happens next. At some point in the day someone from the school will want proof of your identification and qualifications and in the next few days you will have to fill in a DBS form.

Schools need you to commit as soon as you are offered the job, especially if it happens towards the end of the school year because sometimes candidates accept and then change their minds, leaving schools no time to re-interview.

Celebrate your success and congratulate yourself. Getting your first teaching job really is a very special moment.

If you don’t get it then don’t despair. Make sure that you get some feedback from the school. Most schools are fairly good at this but you might have to pester for it. Be persistent. It is important that you get some meaningful comments on areas where you might improve.

Complete your own analysis. Which questions did you answer well? Which questions did you stumble on? Write down all the questions you can remember as soon as you get home. It would be annoying to be tripped up on the same question at your next interview.

Which part of the interview process did not go so well? Some schools will offer feedback about why you failed get the job - take them up on this, as it can be incredibly valuable. Not all schools will have time to offer this service, however, so try not to be too pushy. If they do offer advice, do not try to explain the circumstances - just learn from it.s

If it was the lesson then you need to go back to the drawing board. For your next interview make sure that you get some advice from your training manager at school. It might be a good idea to practice some or all of the lesson you are going to teach.

Like anything practice makes perfect. Not getting the job first time round is obviously a common experience. The key is to learn from it.







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