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New A-level content (inc. for maths) out
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18 Dec 2014

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The revised content has been published today for A-levels in:

  • ancient languages
  • modern foreign languages
  • geography
  • mathematics
  • further mathematics

The revisions use similar structures to those of the first round subjects (taught from 2015) with 60% content prescribed (but see maths, below) and with AS forming a component of the A-level, meaning that co-teaching of AS and A-level in Y12 should be facilitated and the DfE's agenda for keeping the two qualifications separate (with AS a two year course) further undermined.

Schools should be able to carry on pretty much as now, except that they will have to find the funds to enter students for AS, which they may decide is pointless, if they aren't useful as university entrance exams - which they won't be if too few schools use them.

The biggest changes appear to be (as expected) to maths and further maths:

In maths, all the content is now prescribed in detail. Students will be required to study both mechanics and statistics. There is an increased emphasis on mathematical problem solving to ensure students understand the underlying mathematical concepts.

In further maths, the A-level builds on the mathematics content with 50% of content prescribed. AS level includes new minimum requirements for matrices and complex numbers, with 30% of content prescribed.


Content for GCSEs in art and design, dance, music, computer science, physical education (PE), citizenship, cooking and nutrition, design and technology, and drama, and A-levels in dance, music and physical education and drama and theatre, and GCSE and A-level religious studies content will be published early next year.





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