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31 Oct 2014

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Our recent survey of new teachers who had taken part in our Gear for the Year project reveals remarkable levels of confidence - in virtually all aspects of primary teachers’ careers, over 90% of NQTs say that they are reasonably or very confident. This is amazing: we can only imagine what a survey of graduates who have spent just over a month in their non-teaching professions would say about their confidence levels, but feel sure that they would be considerably less positive.

It’s probably because NQTs seem to be - and say they are - really well supported by colleagues. Plus, they’ve been well trained at the colleges taking part in schoolzone’s Gear for the Year project.

There are two areas which NQTs feel less confident in and we’ve already taken steps to support them - we talk to teachers all the time, so we had picked them up as concerns previously. These are:

  • keeping up to date with policies and guidance: which is why we have a blog channel dedicated to this, feeding back from other schools on all the latest in this area, as a result of our ongoing research
  • understanding how to monitor students’ progress (in the absence of NC levels) - we have been asking teachers about this since the announcement of NC levels’ demise and have produced guidance and keep this updated via our blog.

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Of course, experienced classroom teachers provide effective support to NQTs (they told us that in the survey, too), but these teachers themselves don’t feel any more confident about the two concerns above - that’s why we created these schoolzone services in the first place. So, our aim is to support NQTs and to support those who also support NQTs. 

Having said we’re not surprised by much here at Schoolzone Towers, one very pleasing observation, giving all the adverse publicity about student behaviour recently, is that 97% of new primary teachers feel confident about dealing with behavioural issues. Also, 90% are confident in their understanding of the new curriculum. So well done ITT providers - it seems that you’re doing a great job - at least with Gear for the Year students!.




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