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24 April 2015

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Which party offers the best future for schools?

Nick Clegg has targeted control of the Department for Education in any coalition deals, as he pledged to turn a page on the “Gove-esque interference” in teachers’ working lives, according to the TES.

This could be good news for teachers, because our Education policy election tool (running this week) shows that they support the Lib Dems policies more strongly than any other party's:

Meanwhile, the Gove legacy policies seem to be dragging down teachers' support for the Conservatives.

Here are their most and least favourite policies in the voting so far (%s show those in favour from the first 500 respondents)



There should be an independent (nonpolitical) authority responsible for curriculum content - Lib Dem 71%

The EBacc should be compulsory at GCSE - Conservative 4%


Ofsted and accountability

Ofsted should be abolished and replaced with a new independent organisation consisting of experienced teachers - UKIP 67%

Failing schools should be converted into academies - Conservative 1%



The budget should rise inline with inflation - Labour and Lib Dem 67%

The budget should be protected, but not necessarily rise inline with inflation - Conservative 9%


School types

New schools should only be introduced to meet a need for school places - Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP 60%

The free school programme should be extended - Conservative 6%


Teacher training and development

All teachers should be qualified (or working towards QTS) - Labour, Lib Dem and Greens 76%

There should be higher entry requirements to become a teacher - Conservative and UKIP 22%


Apprenticeships and vocational education

There should be more opportunities for young people to do an apprenticeship - Conservative, Green, Labour and Lib Dem 76%

Vocational education should be offered through specialist schools or colleges - Lib Dem, UKIP 45%


For full analysis of the polling - watch this space; to see the live voting and the full list of schools policies, see:


If you're a teacher and would like to see which party's schools policies you support most strongly - use the tool at






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