Schoolzone : Consultancy Terms and conditions

1 Agreement

This agreement is between Ltd [Schoolzone] and you (the consultant) and sets out the basis on which any project work will be carried out by the consultant on behalf of Schoolzone. Any change to this contract will be notified to the consultant by email and will be available at all times to read online by clicking on the terms and conditions link at

The terms come into force only when you agree to take part in any paid work offered by Schoolzone: normally by email. We will assume that by agreeing to take part in paid work you agree to abide by these terns and conditions. On completion of a Schoolzone invoice proforma (used by you to claim payment for the work done) we will remind you of these obligations: please note that work carried out for Schoolzone is confidential and details should not be disclosed to any third parties.

2 Commission

The consultant will carry out consultancy with the organisation to fulfil the requirements of any project briefing documents supplied by Schoolzone.

Modification to the objectives in the brief may only be made following agreement between the consultant and Schoolzone.

The consultant will produce a written record of the progress and achievements of the consultancy, where requested.

The consultant must return any resources that were provided for the purposes of the project unless stated otherwise at the outset of the project.

3 Fees

The fees payable by Schoolzone will cover the following on a project by project basis:

4 Expenses 5 Contact with Schoolzone and third parties 6 Cancellation/postponement 7 Materials and copyright 8 Warranties

The consultant agrees and warranties that: 9 Confidentiality 10 Conflicts of Interest 11 Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England, and the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute arising under or in any way connected with this Agreement. By registering as a consultant you agree to all the above terms and conditions.