Update on changes to the school accountability system in England

Date: 04.12.2018

The school accountability system in England is under scrutiny. This roundup up of key articles and policy updates gives a brief summary of the arguments in favour of reform, the response of the government, and the latest news from Ofsted.

In 2016, progress is introduced as an accountability measure for primary and secondary schools, along with a revised set of attainment-based measures. While generally perceived as a fairer measure than judging schools on attainment only, this fuels a surge in data gathering amongst schools, as progress becomes a high stakes measure, and schools feel under constant pressure to provide evidence.

The changes to school accountability measures go hand in hand with changes to school inspections. From 2015, ‘Outstanding’ schools become except from routine inspections, while ‘Good’ schools receive a one-day inspection approximately every four years, providing their performance is maintained. Data scrutiny becomes a major feature of the inspection process.


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Author: Melissa Mackinlay