Teachers witnessing distressing new levels of child poverty

Date: 04.01.2019
A National Education Union snapshot poll of 1,026 teachers in England paints a harrowing picture of the increase in poverty seen in our schools and the daily impact it is having on children and young people.
  • 46% of teachers confirm that holiday hunger has got worse compared to three years ago.
  • 63% of respondents say that more families are unable to afford adequate winter clothes or shoes compared to three years ago.
  • 46% of teachers believe that there are more housing issues (poor quality, insecure, overcrowded or temporary accommodation) compared to three years ago.
  • 53% of respondents believe that children and young people will go hungry over Christmas.
  • 40% of respondents say schools are having to provide extra items for children and young people and their families because of increased poverty.


Summary findings