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Purple Mash Maths summary review

Date: 19.06.2022

Overall star rating for Purple Mash: 4.2/5

Review subject: maths


Overview comments:
 • So varied and easy to use for staff and children 
 • Easy to access 
 • Really easy to access for staff and children 


How well does it match the curriculum?
 •  4* We use for checking children's times tables knowledge 
 •  4* Covers all areas 
 •  4* Strengths: aligned to national curriculum. Easy to use resources. Ability for pupils to use it at home. Ability to use it on a tablet. 
 •  4* Clear related sections in line with the national curriculum and good for differentiation as a lot of support available for sen children
 •  3* We use it to check the children's times tables skills
 •  3* Tasks are very similar and development in those would be beneficial.
 •  3* Broadly matches main objectives but style and methods often differ
 •  3* Some links to national curriculum 


How well does it engage and motivate pupils?
 •  5* Children love it 
 •  4* It’s engaging and exciting to use 
 •  5* Students like the graphics, the ability to use it independently and the sounds that it produces. I would like some of it to be aimed at older students. 
 •  4* The children like the colourful graphics and characters  are clear and easy to understand and follow
 •  4* Children always enjoy the challenge 
 •  4* Some of the games are engaging
 •  4* Pupils are engaged and enjoyed using during lockdown
 •  2* Pupils find it repetitive 


How well does it support planning?
 •  5* Easy to adapt planning if needed
 •  4* Good for planning as easy to move around site and find what you need 
 •  3* This is a supplementary resource
 •  2* Lack of adaptability 


What improvements could make this better value for money?
 • 5* Great value as can do so much with it 
 • 3* Quite expensive but worth the money. 
 • 4* I’m not responsible for the finance part but it seems like it was good value for money
 • 5* So many varied activities for all
 • 3* Competitively priced
 • 3* Quite affordable 



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